Debbie's School of Dance

My heart's already dancing why not my feet ...

Studio Policies

Classroom Etiquette

  • All dancers must wear appropriate attire for all classes. This includes: tights, leotards, jazz pants, dance tops, etc. You can find these supplies under the "The Dancer's Closet" tab on the "Class Attire" page. 

  • All dancers ages 3 and up need ballet, tap, and jazz shoes for all Classic Combo Classes.

  • All dancers must wear their hair up, preferably in a bun or ponytail.

  • All dancers must have a dance bag to keep their dance supplies in during class.

  • Food, candy, drinks, and gum are not allowed in the dance room. Water Only.

  • Dancers are expected to be on time for all classes. 

  • Any dancer that is late or unprepared for class will be subject to the teacher's discretion for admittance to class. Appropriate supplies are required for participation in classes.

Tuition Responsibility

  • All tuition payments are due by the 10th of every month, any payment made after that is subject to the late fee of $15. 

  • There is $30 fee for any cancelled or returned checks.

  • You must give a 60 day notice, in writing, if you will need a leave of absence from the studio. You will be responsible for payment of tuition during this 60 day notice. 

Inclement Weather Policy

  • DSD follows the Davidson County & Rutherford County School Systems for inclement weather closings. If school is dismissed early or out for the day, the studio will also be closed.

DSD Family

  • Debbie's School of Dance creates a positive, friendly, and family environment for our dancers. All dancers and their families are expected to present that same attitude at all times. DSD has every right to dismiss any dancer or family from the studio who fails to exhibit appropriate behavior deemed by the owner and director.