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Class Attire & Supplies

All dancers are required to wear the appropriate attire to be admitted into class. This includes: tights, leotards, jazz pants, dance tops, and all of their shoes. Hair must be tied up or off their neck.

Class Requirements

Classic Combo Class: 

  • White ballet shoes (Boys/black)
  • Caramel or hazelnut jazz boots (Boys/black)
  • Caramel tap shoes with buckle                    (Boys - black lace up)

Toddler Class:

  • White ballet shoes (Boys - black ballet)
  • Caramel tap shoes with buckle                (Boys - black lace up)

Tumbling/Acro Class:

  • Foot Undeez

NEW! Heels Class:

  • "EZ Flex" 2" Heel Flexible                       Character Shoe in Tan

DSD Dancer Pack

Make your life easier and order everything your dancer needs at one stop, DSD!



This package includes everything you would need for weekly dance classes. 

  • Class Leotard/Dance Outfit
  • Convertible tights
  • Ballet shoes
  • Tap shoes
  • Jazz shoes

Add Ons:

  • Foot Undeez (Acro Class) $30
  • Heels (Heels Class) $45

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